If you thought the speakers in 2017 (below) were great...

2018 is going to blow you away!

TinyFest Midwest features a full line-up of presentations and workshops to fill the weekend with information and inspiration! Topics include not only numerous aspects of going tiny, living tiny and creating tiny, but also sustainability, minimalism, creativity, healthy living, and natural living.

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Speakers 2017

Jay Shafer – Keynote Speaker

Jay Shafer is leading a movement that is changing the way we view housing. In his Small House Book, his workshops and thru mass media, Shafer shows us how superior design and social justice can be achieved with less space. As pioneer of the Tiny House Movement, he has introduced us to a truly sustainable housing option. Professor Shafer has spent over twenty years living in self-built homes of less than one hundred square feet.

“In the Spring of 2000, a story about my little house on wheels appeared in my local paper, The Daily Iowan. This would be the first of countless news stories, TV shows, movies and books about the merits of simple living in much smaller spaces. Iowa is the birthplace of the Tiny House Movement. I am thrilled about returning to the state I called home for so long to visit with others interested in the original principles and newest advances in efficient home design.”

Sarah Plummer in front of her tiny house

Sarah Plummer - IA

Sarah Plummer and her husband, Jordan, have been living tiny for two years. The couple share a 160 sq. ft. tiny house, dubbed Lil Blue which is parked on a grass-fed meat farm in central Iowa. Sarah’s life has evolved while living tiny. Learn more at her blog, A Terra Cotta Life.
Portrait of Melody & Darren Mike

Melody&Darren Mike - NE

Melody & Darren Mike are a couple on a mission! Their goals are to live tiny, be environmentally conscious and self-sufficient, and to simplify life. It hasn’t been all smooth sailing for this family of 6, but together, faithfully, they make strides toward they Big Family Tiny Life dreams.

Brian Kennedy - NC

At 6’8″ tall, Brian Kennedy has a unique set of design challenges to overcome as he builds his 137 sq. ft. tiny house on wheels. His home will be off-grid, all electric, and will feature REclaimed, REcycled, and REpurposed materials. Follow his progress on Facebook. 
head and shoulders photo of Luke Thill

Luke Thill - IA

13 year-old Luke Thill is surely the youngest Iowan to build a tiny house. His story hit the local paper in May and immediately gained nation attention. Not only has Luke built his own 89 sq. foot home, he also created a YouTube channel to share his journey.

Bob Clarizo - IL

Bob Clarizio, owner of Titan Tiny Homes, has been in the home construction and remodeling business for years and takes pride in offering residential quality and materials in a smaller space. His designs for various clients have been featured on FYI’s “Tiny House Nation.”
Raven McGinnity kneeling in a sunny prairie with flowers in front of her. Raven is wearing a straw hat and has long hair and a big smile.

Raven McGinnity - MO

Raven is a bioregional herbalist with a clinical practice in the Ozarks region. She enjoys talking to plants, making medicine, and working on her family’s 250 sq. ft. school bus conversion. Her and her partner, Oaken, have 4 beautiful children that enjoy the simple life in nature. They can be found at www.ravenandoak.com.
woman point power tool to her head with a playfully crazed look on her face

Tracy Boeyink - IA

Using green construction and a modest budget, Tracy is building her THOW alongside her 80 year old father. She has learned many new construction skills, deepened the bond with her dad, and found the experience to be incredibly empowering. Follow her progress on Facebook.
photo of face of Jim Wilkins He has glasses and white mustache and beard, brown suite coat

Jim Wilkins - MN

Jim Wilkins is a designer and builder of non-toxic tiny houses and micro homes for people who choose to live a sustainable, healthy lifestyle or do so because of chemical/environmental sensitivity. Learn more at www.TinyGreenCabins.com
face of Hilarie Kaczetow, dark glasses, blue eyes, tattoo on neck

Hilarie Kaczetow - NJ

Hilarie Kaczetow had a love-hate relationship with building her tiny house. Her journey was life changing! It was hard and truly hell-ish but all the blood, sweat and tears were worth it. Her build was hell on wheels but her house is her best friend, her pride and joy, her identity, her life! Check it out on Facebook.
half of Janelle Randau's face smiling and a goats face

Janelle Randau - IA

head and shoulders image of young professional woman smiling Hany White

Hany White - MO

As a wife and mother, Hany White finds that giving up the city life and a progressive professional path for the concept of being purpose driven is a process. It required constantly examining one’s identity, desires, and comforts. As a family, the White’s set a goal and examined how and what they were living for. Now, they are Living la Tiny Life and have launched Tiny House Ministries!
Mark Miller with microphone in one hand and other hand raised. Wearing blue t-shirt

Mark Miller - WI

Mark Miller has a small remodeling/construction company in rural, northwest Wisconsin. Throughout the years, Mark has been involved with various building projects utilizing salvaged, recycled and repurposed materials. He also co-coordinated the building of a Tiny Retreat Cabin as a fundraiser for Habitat for Humanity. Learn more on Facebook:  Little Cabin by Treehouse by Small River
head and shoulders image of Kim Kasl wearing an orange jacket

Kim Kasl - MN

Kim Kasl lives with her family of four in their 267 sq. ft Tiny House in Minnesota. They downsized from 2000 sq ft in 2014 and now can be a one-income family, homeschool, pursue passions and adventure, and say Yes! to every opportunity! Kim’s pursuit is to normalize family-style minimalism in a culture where “stuff-gluttony” is the accepted norm. Her mission is to affirm for families that on their journey to family-style minimalism they will remove the excess and be abundantly blessed!

Vanessa Kelly holding her grand baby. She has white hair and glass and baby has bow on her head

Vanessa Kelly - MN

When Vanessa first stumbled upon the Kimberly™ stove, she was living in 120 square feet in Northern California’s Wine Country. Now back in her native Midwest, Vanessa helps families guarantee their heating independence and security through her own dealership for the Kimberly™ and Katydid™ wood stoves. She’s added composting toilets and water filters to her product lineup at TinyHouseBigLife and EagleRiseWoodStoves