You're Gonna Love The TinyFest Marketplace in 2018

If you have a product or service that pertains to tiny houses, sustainability, simple living, healthy living, reducing, reusing, or recycling, you will find your best customers at TinyFest Midwest.
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logo with words "Nature's Earthly Way" circling around an image of a mountain with a lake in the foreground
logo reads "Pacific West Tiny Homes" blue swirling graphic with yellow arch and green triangle roofline
logo that reads "independent damsel Director" in pink lettering
logo with a black circle that has a drop-off water an arrow and a leaf in it and sunstreaks reaching out from the left side. Words on the logo say Thriving world-wide
logo with a blue graphic of a large dog dog jumping as he chases a ball. The words "Bailing Out Benji" underneath it
woman in blue jean overalls with a scrappy little dog beside her
logo for reads "J-tech Solar. your clean energy experts" with graphic of 3 solar panels and a sun
photo of a mandolin with the words "The Wandering Minstrel, Inc., Fun to Play Folk Instruments, Est. 2012"
the words "Rainbow Trout the clown" with the a watercolor rainbow behind it
The words "Norwex Improving Quality of Life" with a green house and blue water droplet in the middle of the first O
two old fashion farm windmills with a red sun setting on the horizon. Underneath it says "Great Plains Windmill Service"
a cartoon style clip art of a plant with three oval leaves. One leaf says "the" another says "big" the bottom one says "garden". Planted by United Methodists is at the bottom of the image
Logo that has neutral colored mosaic tile at the top and left side and reads "Stonebrook Thin Veneer Inc.
photo of a label on a plastic container of honey. It reads "Dundee Bee Honey" there are lots of yellow and browns in the photo background but no discernible objects
Logo reads "Baker Distributing Company" There are two arrows as part of the B that point in toward each other
logo that says "Sun Oven" above a graphic of a portion of the US flag and "The Ultimate Appliance" to the right of that
Logo reads "NOAH" in large green letters. There is the outline of a house in the middle of the O. Underneath it says " Nation Organization of Alternative Housing"
Logo has a large P slanted to the right and an S weaving through the round opening of the P. It reads "Papillion Sanitation A waste connection company"
clip art of three green leaves and the words "tower garden by juice plus" beside it
The words "Heartland MasterShield" in plain black letters
tan background with tribal lettering that reads "urban homstead"
White background with black letters that read "Signature Homestyles Independent Representative
logo graphic of with three people figures under a roofline. beside that are the words "Habitat for Humanity of Sarpy County"
logo with purple background and the word "Scentsy Independent Consultant" in white