Tiny House Village to Help End Homelessness

conceptual drawing of tiny house village with houses in a circle around community center
exterior of tan tiny house with orange door

Joppa Helps Homeless People Survive, Get Housing & Rebuild Their Lives

The Joppa Mission is to create a community of unconditional love, support and hope for the homeless, as we work together to end homelessness.

1,000 People are Homeless Each Day in Central Iowa.

Current transitional housing and emergency shelters leaves about 250 of them with no options for a safe, secure, sanitary, weather-tight place to sleep at night. They have no choice but to make a home by living under bridges, in tents, shacks, and vehicles.

older man homeless man looking tired and cold

It’s a complex, challenging problem, but one with a solution.

Joppa studied best practices across the U.S and adapted the most successful ideas into a plan to create a Tiny Home Village in Central Iowa.  Housing 50-100 people the village will feature private, independent homes, a community center, a shared bathroom, and meal areas. Structured program services will help each resident establish income and housing as quickly as possible. The “Village” approach allows churches, schools and volunteers in the community to work together to solve the problem.

It costs Iowa taxpayer’s approximately $40,000 per year, per homeless person for the City of Des Moines and Polk County. The villages Joppa will build do not cost the city or county anything.  Joppa carries out its mission entirely on private donations from individuals, families, churches, sponsors and other organizations. As a result of this support, Joppa has helped 300 men, women and children get off the streets since the organization was founded in 2008, 90% remain in housing today.

Joppa is working with several partners that will encourage broader land usage regulations with city officials. Many schools, local organizations and individuals are also stepping up to help build the tiny houses for the villages. At TinyFest you can tour 2 of these little homes and meet some of the big hearted people who are making it happen!

logo for Joppa villages

Learn more at www.Joppa.org