Looking for Something Delicious?

Tiny Fest Midwest has you covered! Check out the yummy food and delicious craft beer options.

The words Ferinheit Wood Oven Pizza with a flame above them
pic of a wood fired pizza with golden brown crust, zucchini and sausage
cartoon drawing of a peg legged pirate with a red beard holding a sword in one hand and red bird on his other arm. words Calico Jacks underneath.
the words Menu- Tenderloin, Smoked BBQ Pulled Pork, Beer Burger, Enchiladas, Fries, Soda & Water, Fresh Squeezed Lemonade, Fresh Squeezed LemonLimeade, Specials
Black background with graphic of 2 berries and the words Big Acai in white

Fri. & Sat. Only

image looking straight down at bowls full of fruits and nuts
The words Flaming Kernel.com in shades of orange with flames drawn in the letters
Three pork butts on a smoker/grill
black outline of the state of Iowa with the word beer inside it and words "Iowa Craft Beer Tent" underneath

12 Awesome Iowa Craft Beers & a Cider on tap!

(Plus, Bud Light too)

drawing of a back of a woman in traditional Mexican kitchen with words Mi Cocina at top
Picture of a taco salad with chips around the edge and lime wedge in the middle
The word Popcorn Heaven with a few kernels of popcorn above them.
multi colored candy coated popcorn in a red bowl