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Logo that reads Big Green Q table to farm street food. Q is large and green color
logo that has a wood surfboard as background and the words "Maui Wowi Hawaiin Coffees and Smoothies" in yellow
A gray backdrop and red heart with a fork and spoon inside it. Reads "Mobile Grace Cafe"
black and white rendering of a food truck with the words "Streetside Foods" underneath. All with a red background
logo that reads "Scotty's Go-Go" in red font and "Grill" in silver font. There is a 50s style waitress in rollerskates on the right side of the words.
Logo of a colorful stick figure person playing a piccolo. The words "Anthony Piccolo's Mobile Venue" underneath
logo that has a chicken that looks sleepy on the left add the words "The Drunken chicken" beside it. The words have flames underneath them
red and black graphic of a smiling pig wearing sunglasses and a chef's hat. There is a checkerboard background and the words "Family Traditions BBQ & Sweets"