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Tiny house exterior in unfinished state

Simply Serenity

Chris and Chris McClory know that life is a work in progress… and so is their tiny house! They are enjoying the journey and excited to share that it with you.

Sheepherder's Wagon

Bob and Vicki Heavirland are excited to share the original tiny house on wheels- first designed in 1884. Learn more about the Sheepherder’s Camp Wagon on Facebook.

exterior of blue and gray tiny house in foreground brick building in background

Tiny House Ministries

Curtis and Hany White are on a mission to provide tiny houses as an alternative solution for homeless and those in need. Follow the progress of Hope on Facebook.  Matthew 25:40.

exterior of school bus owned by Midwest Wanderers

Midwest Wanderers

The Davis family home features off-grid capability and gives the family the of 3, soon to be 4, the ability to travel regularly. Follow their adventures at
exterior image of DIY built tiny camper

DIY Tiny Camper

Tom Sem’s DIY Tiny Camper is 70 sq. ft. and easily towable at only 730 lbs. Check out Facebook for more pics and videos and learn how you can build one for only about $1,100!
exterior of tiny house on wheels mid-built. No siding yet, just green board with a grain silo beside it and blue sky above

The Refuge

Tracy Boeyink is creating a Refuge. She’s choosing green manufactured products and avoiding petrochemical-based materials.Follow her progress on Facebook and visit TinyFest to tour the finished (or nearly finished) project.
exterior view of Off Grid camper house

Off-Grid Home on Wheels

Mike Gingerich, otherwise known as “Puzzle Mike”, built his solar powered home-away-from-home to live in during the months he is on the road. Mike travels to major festivals around the country and sells handcrafted puzzles.
conceptual drawing of tiny house, side view with large windows

Built On The Fly

Most people take months and months to build their tiny houses, Nicholas Donlin has challenged himself to build his THOW in just 3 days! Nicholas’ build will take place July 21-23. Follow his progress on Facebook.
white school bus on the side of the road with grass and weeds beside it

Apothecary Bus

Raven McGinnity, a clinical, bioregional herbalist, is preparing to go tiny in with her partner, Oaken, and their 4 children. Their skoolie is not just a home, it’s also a small apothecary. Learn more at Facebook.
tiny house on wheels with pitched roof and teal trim

Tiny Hell On Wheels

Hilarie Kaczetow built her THOW to suit her lifestyle. It features a glitter countertop, climbing rope and a greenhouse! Her self-sufficient home has water tanks, solar panels, wood stove, propane cooktop. Follow her Instagram to see more.
blue 1938 restored short bus with wood sides

1938 Class Act School Bus

Randy and Vickie Roeber have dedicated over 5,000 hours to converting a 1938 Dodge School Bus they pulled from the woods south of West Bend, Iowa into a one-of-a-kind home on wheels. The Roebers love to share their project and have won numerous award at car shows for their Class Act bus! See the amazing interior at TinyFest Midwest.
clipart of hammer and wrench

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