A Tiny House & Simple Living Festival

Colfax, Iowa.  September 22-24, 2017

Friday night Prime Time: 5pm-8pm, followed by live music
Saturday: 10am – 7pm, followed by Brother Trucker concert!
Sunday: 10am – 6pm


Tiny house, simple living, and Midwesterners, OH MY!

Come celebrate TINY at this GIANT festival. Check out the big variety of small homes, including Tiny Houses on Wheels, Skoolies, Vintage Campers, and other surprising structures. Discover the joys of simple living— Learn how to minimize your clutter, your debt, your carbon footprint, and maximize your life!  Enjoy presentations, workshops, vendors, and live music. Plus, food, beer and wine. Meet fellow Midwesterners who value the ideals behind building small and living large.


Bringing it back to where it all began … Iowa!

Did you know that the tiny house movement that‘s captured the hearts of Americans from coast to coast actually began in Iowa? The “godfather” of the tiny house movement, Jay Shafer, built his first tiny house in Iowa City in the 1990’s.  Jay has traveled the world sharing the benefits of small houses and simple living and now he’s bringin’ it back to where it all began!  You can meet Jay and hear his inspirational story at TinyFest Midwest. We’re bringing the tiny house revolution back to where it all began— in the heart of the heartland!


Join the Fun ... Get involved!

TinyFest Midwest is all about bringing folks together and celebrating what really matters in life — PEOPLE! Do you want to become part of TinyFest Midwest? There are many way to be involved. You can apply to showcase your unique little home, be a speaker, lead a workshop, or become a vendor. (Links to the applications are provided on the respective pages.) To attend the festival and enjoy the presentations, the marketplace, the live music, the craft beer and the TINY HOUSES and more…. Simply click HERE to purchase your ticket.